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Founded by Miki Shika in 2019, Ekhaya Empowerment was established in order to provide culturally marginalised people a chance to become more empowered. 

We do this in a number of ways – by holding events and activities to help people from different countries to meet local people from all backgrounds, by signposting to services which can help you and by offering small businesses a space to work.


All in all, we want to help people moving into the UK to become more integrated in the local community.

Have you recently moved to the UK?

We can help you to access services in Wigan including:

• Housing 

• Education 

• Employment

• Training 

• Immigration services


A multicultural venue in Wigan

Hosting our inclusive social activities, plus private gatherings, office space and educational programs, our centre is becoming a much-needed community hub of cultural enlightenment in Wigan.

Whether you’re looking for a venue in Wigan or culturally rich activities to take part in, we want our centre to become a crucial part of life for people in the Wigan Borough and wider community.



We recruit volunteers to work alongside Ekhaya, with the aim of upskilling local marginalised people and providing a route into employment.

Our hub contains a large play space for small children and we are developing a youth group for older children.

If you run a small business or are self-employed, come along to see how we can offer a space for your business to grow.

If you would like to volunteer, get in touch and we will meet with you for a friendly chat!


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